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A little about me

My name is David Robertson, I am a committed Scottish Nationalist. I have voted SNP for most of my life, I previously supported (Scottish) Labour as did most of the Scottish voting population when I was in my late teens and early 20's. I first voted SNP in the General Election of 1983. I have voted SNP ever since.

I truly believe Scottish Independence is inevitable, and subsequent events following the Independence Referendum have only strengthened my view. The political map of Scotland has changed forever, we Scots are now one of the most politically aware nations in the world.

I believe support for Independence is increasing, in my experience there is now a common resentment and a feeling among many Scots that voted NO in the referendum that they were duped. Most Scots are now not fooled by the fear mongering, or by the lies and the false promises of the Westminster Government. The fact is the only thing the Union has won is nothing but a little more time, and I believe they now know this. Most of the UK now agree that the inevitable course of my nation is towards independence, and a majority Scots I think now agree that we should be independent.

When will this Independence come about? No one can predict that, only that it will certainly come, of that, I and an increasing number of people are now convinced. If I were to guess my conservative estimate would be in the next 5 to 10 years. possibly even sooner if some material change were to occur, like a vote to leave the European Union. Support for independence continues to grow and I cannot see that changing, possibly only in the speed of that inexorable move towards our independence and a call for a second referendum, and this time we shall win.

Alba gu brath


Two songs from the Scottish band Skippinish

Piper till the end by Skippinish

Going home by Skipinnish


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